Advices to burglars, thieves and other Evil People.

Dear Evil People, we would like to let you know that the effort and risk you may take in order to get you hands on our stuff is not worth it. We simply do not have enough valuable things in our premises.

On top of that you will have to either climb up to the 14th floor which is pretty dangerous only to find that the windows are closed tight or spend quite some time to try to open the gates and doors -it already takes us quite a while with the proper set of keys. You should also be pleased to find out that, in the meantime, the security officers will have taken quite an impressive number of reasonably good pictures of your attempt through the Condo internal video surveillance system giving them plenty of time to call the police.

If by a matter of pure luck you manage to break into you will be very surprised to meet our CSO.

Let me tell you that the CSO does not like to be disturbed by strangers. Diplomacy is really her weakest point. Do not expect her to consult the UN Security Council before getting into action. She will immediately use her weapon of mass destruction. Just have a look at the picture below: