June to December 2004

Xmas 2004 in France

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18 January to 19 March 2005
Daniel, Sylvie and Antoine
Antoine got baptized
Port Bouc, Spain
Adrien spent many nights in bed with Mummy and Daddy!
One day out skying with Joel and Patrice at Les Angles
Everything is alright Darling :-)
Good snow, a lot of wind, nice blue sky
Singapore is 8,000 miles away!
Nobody around
Time to go back to Argeles...
UFO sighting on Xmas eve :-)
Hope you like oysters!
The best log cake on earth, period!
That's a Xmas party!
Font Romeu, the day before the snow storm
Font Romeu, the day after the snow storm
Goodbye 2004, Welcome 2005
Soon I'll ride Daddy's motorcycle
It's good to be the King!
Computer Basics, step 1: trying to stay awake
Computer Basics, step 2: zzzzzzzzzz....
Computer Basics, step 3: maximum damage, Adrien's way.
View from the castle of Opoul: les Corbières, Perpignan and the sea in the background.
View from the castle of Opoul: les Corbières and the Pyrenean mountains in the background.
Time to say goodbye to Argeles.
Visiting Grand'Ma Bougit.
Auntie Lucie, drove her car - a vintage 2CV - 20 miles to visit us. BTW, she is 91.
Visiting Grand'Ma Madeleine.
End of the holidays. Too bad I won't be able to bring that nice tractor back to Singapore.