DBSA was founded on the 15th September 1992 late at night in an infamous night-club somewhere in one of the most infamous location one can possibly imagine. The operation ran undercover for a few years and got public listed in November 1996. Since the beginning of the venture the office moved from places to places according to the company R&D (Rest and Dine) needs. The company settled down around 5 years ago in what appeared to be a cool spot: a sanitized landscape of concrete surrounded with lot of sun, white beaches and blue seas. After more time spent in various R&D activities that strict non-disclosure practices forbid to describe the company decided to get along with a new member whose creative thinking and young age will ensure our prosperous future. This is why we welcome today our first CEO, Adrien.

We know what you think:
" Hey, that's just one more bunch of funksters that is trying to make some money out of the Internet!"

Just let us tell you that this kind of comment make us laugh our socks off. You will be amazed to discover the truth about our amazing range of products and services that are based on ten years of the most secret research that has ever been done in this corner of the galaxy. That should not be long when the site will be amended for you to discover it all...so many things to say, so little space-time...

If you are still in doubt, just have a look at out mission statement: it says it all!

Our Missions are our Mission.

Or if you prefer this one:

Our Mission is our Missions.

It's entirely up to you, dear customer, to decide.

In order to clear even more doubt let us tell you that we are fully ISO 9001 certified. We received this prestigious distinction years ago directly from the board of directors of the Inter Stellar Office. It costs us every year a fortune in fine food and beverage to renew our certification. Nevertheless you will soon be astonished how complex and confusing our sets of multiple procedures are. It's that simple! We have got one for every single thing we do. Just let us the time to post the whole damned thing on this site and you will see what we are talking about.

Until today the management of the company was composed of the following members:

Helene: our COO, or Chief'Op as we like to call her. She is making sure everything is on track and that nothing will possibly interrupt our R&D activities. Her budget control is as drastic as budget control can be. She keeps an eye on everything...especially on the CTO who tends to spend cash like hell. We will tell you more about her in a short while... just give us some time to put the stuff on the Web!

Alain: our CTO, or Chief'Tech as we like to call him. His skill at changing light bulbs has no equivalent in the whole universe. His size helps a lot. Beyond the fact that he is one of the messiest person one can find is ability to destroy whatever he tries to build as so far found no match. But he keeps trying...More on this fellow when times is in hand to update this site!

Daisy, alias La Toon: our CSO, or Chif'Sec as we like to call her. Her instinct at detecting intruders of all kind has not found its equivalent as mankind is concerned: postmen, geckos... and cats, the latest kind being her favourite so far. She is so paranoid that she refused to have an email account because the postmen on the Net do not have any odour at all...We will told you more about her when, right, as said previously, we can afford to find a break to upload some more info.

The Shareholders, or our benefactors as we like to call them. They are only a few and for the sake of their honour their names will never be mentioned on this site. They have been financing the company from time to time -quite often actually- and so far they have not got any money back...nothing, zero, zilch! Thank you so much dear shareholders for your support. We will spend more of our precious time to write more about them if we can find some.

By the way, new investors are always welcome and we will be very glad to offer you the opportunity to invest in DBSA. We accept all kind of payment. Just send your credit card number to one of the staff!

That's it...You bet not! All you need to know on DBSA has been far from being published yet. Keep visiting us and you will stand a chance to win our grand draw! (Price as yet to be decided).

Thank you for your visit. See you soon. Signed:

The Management of DBSA